The Real History Of The Christmas Stocking And Apparel How It Came To Be And Why?

The Beloved Christmas Stocking and Other Holiday Wear, Where Did It Originate?

A Christmas stocking is a foot sock that was hung on a Xmas tree or over the fireplace by children believing that Santa Claus will fill it with gifts on Christmas eve. It has evolved into a form of decoration and celebration of the Christmas day in a creative way.

Today Christmas stockings come in different colors. Shapes, designs, sizes and materials. How through the years the holiday stocking tradition has evolved.

The history of Xmas stockings can be traced from various theories. One of them is a legend from Holland. It is believed that a poor man in Holland who had three daughters and was worried about their future as a father due to poverty.

In these days the father had to pay the dowry to her daughter’s husband. This man was a peasant and could not afford this thus he was worried about the future of his daughters.The story of the three girls and their father came to the attention of Santa Claus as it was discussed by villagers. Santa was aware that the poor old man would not accept any gift, he, therefore, threw three bags of gold through the chimney into their house.

It landed on a stocking that hung over the fireplace. The girls and their father discovered it in the morning and were overjoyed. Their story changed, they were married and lived good lives after that.

Another tale,also from Holland tells how children would pack hay in stockings for Santa Claus Reindeer, In appreciating he would stuff the socks with gifts for the children.

In Germany, children in the 16th century would hang their socks in the fireplace at night to dry. On Christmas eve they believed that Father Christmas would fill in their stockings with presents at night. These gifts could either be toys, candy, fruits or mold clay.

The culture of Xmas stockings has developed over time. The earliest record of Xmas coming in America 1930s in the 1940s stories is told of how soldiers celebrated Christmas during the second world war by hanging the stockings on their guns.

Christmas Clothing and Apparel Through The Ages

With time many families started the practices of making their stockings and writing their names on them. In the fifties, stockings were developed attributed to Father Christmas his reindeer and winter season characterized by snow. In the 60s and 70s, Most of the Christmas stockings were homemade and were hardly found in the retail stores.

The popularity of the red socks came after the 1960s.Over the 80 and90s, the commercialization of Christmas stockings evolved to different sizes, styles, and shapes.

Other Christmas apparels like the ugly sweater have also been used in Christmas celebrations. Bill Cosby is credited with the popularization of the ugly sweaters in his show in the 1980s.Today we have the ugly sweater parties. They have become favorite since 2002. Sweaters as a garment in America trace their roots in the 19th century.

Christmas stocking and ugly apparels discover their history to different cultures and have evolved over the times to what we have today.