Steroid cycles and best way to use them effectively


There are three purposes as to why one will use the anabolic steroids. One of the reason is improving the strength and mass of your body muscles. They are also used in promoting a harder ad leaner physique and finally to enhance your athletic performance in the field. There are many countries such as the U.S where it is illegal to use these steroids without getting a prescription. However, thanks to the digital world and the internet, most of the bodybuilders and athletes can now be able to purchase these compounds.

When used sensibly and as per the guidelines, they can be of great benefit to the body. Since many people have gone ahead to abuse them, there are now strict regulations concerning their usage and sales as well.

Studies on best way to use steroids

In the past, there was no clinical data on the best way that these anabolic steroids could be used. This meant that people had to rely on trial and error in order to develop their own dosages and cycles. However, with modern technology, clinics were able to conduct real world conditions and exact dosages to enhance their effectiveness. These dosages are able to enhance physique and performance when used as per the guideline.

These studies have shown that the best results from using anabolic steroids can be achieved from using a logical sequence. This is what is called a steroid cycle and on average could take between 6 to 12 weeks.


This is a process where an individual will take two or more anabolic steroids all at the same time. This process has been shown to cause massive gain in terms of mass and strength when compared to what a single one can do. However, they are only advised for the advanced users of these steroids and not for starters. Oral steroids normally take effect within a short time but can be toxic when taken for a prolonged period of time.

There are a few supplement like steroids that can provide results like Crazy Bulk products as an example.

The injectable types may take some time to show effect and thus many people prefer the one which only takes a short time. In other cases, people have taken larger doses than required in order to feel the effect quickly. This is however not recommended.

Safety concerns when starting steroids

Whenever you are planning to start using these anabolic steroids to enhance both your performance and physique, your first priority should be safety. Whenever they are used for therapeutic purposes, these anabolic steroids are considered safe. It has been noted that many bodybuilders are constantly abusing these steroids in their search for quick results. This is against the law which stipulates the conditions that these anabolic steroids should be taken.

For instance, before taking any steroid, first ensure that you get a prescription from the physicist. This will guarantee your safety as you start using the steroids.