Doing gynecomastia surgery? Take a look into this

Just imagine that you have man boobs and when you go in front of your friends and some other people how you will feel. Sourly, you will feel very awkward, embarrassment and demotivated among others. If you have any symptoms of gynecomastia, you may stay worried that someone will detect this and make fun of you in front of others. You will feel that your life is sucked just because you have man breasts.

Now you don’t need to be worried for lifelong. There are many surgical treatments are available to know b which you can prevent this, and you again can fell motivated among others with a slim and flat chest. Surgery is one of the best methods to prevent gynecomastia. It may cost you more than other treatment, but sometimes it is very effective.

Know about male breast reduction surgery

This is a widespread surgery for gynecomastia. This type of surgery started to increase after 2014, and from previous data now it has increased by 15%. Now, this surgery to prevent that embarrassing problem is now growing rapidly. If you look into the matter, you will find that the real gynecomastia happens when glandular breast tissue increase and this process further boosted by estrogen or testosterone hormone level in men body.

Normally, men have the female hormone estrogen inside their bodies, but the male hormone testosterone plays a dominant role in the man’s body. When the estrogen (female hormone) started increases, it affects the hormonal balance in the body.  As the female hormone estrogen increases it develop some female characteristics in the men bodies and the clear example of female characteristics in the man body is breast growth.

The same thing also happens in the female body when the male hormone testosterone increases in female bodies. At puberty, it occurs the most. It can happen with older men if they are taking androgen blocking medicines. Apart from that, as men started to become older it also affects the testosterone levels which may lead to gynecomastia.

Some other factors are there which can affect the hormonal level in men bodies, and these are alcohol, use of particular medicines, steroids, much more. Here you can take help of breast reduction surgery. Under this doctors try to maintain the hormonal level in your body by removing excess estrogen female hormone from your body.

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Good and bad things about Gynecomastia surgery

If you have delayed in the detection do gynecomastia in its early stage and ignored about this, then you may need to go through the gynecomastia surgery. It is done by a plastic surgeon as this process involves some cosmetic issues. Here the doctor can carry out a Liposuction surgery. Under this, the doctor will remove the fatty tissues of your body to flatten the chest.

One of the biggest advantages of this surgery is it will give you immediate results and under this, the recovery time will be only 2-3 weeks. Other methods can take several weeks, and the result may not come positive. The bad side of this type of surgery is it is very costly, and you can face swelling, pain, and temporary loss of sensation. Sometimes good things come with some bad things, but it can be maintained if handled properly.